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Deranged Deranged

Rated 3 / 5 stars

6 out of 10

Originality: Nothing in this song really stood out as far as originality goes, but it was catchy.

Diversity: Due to the lack of vocals, songs like this tend to get boring as they go along. I suggest to either vary the guitar parts a bit more, or add more instruments (This would include vocals) to make things a bit more interesting.

Clarity: The drums took dominance over the guitar parts in this song, which I'm not really a fan over. The guitar had a GREAT sound to it, but the quality was a bit poor.

Effort: Overall, this was a good song. Nothing outstanding, but it's worth a download.

pitchblak responds:

Thanx for the review man.This was the first song i ever recorded and yes, the song is a little boring by itself.You should check out the version under bad man incs name.He laid down some kik ass vocals on it for me.The song could still use some bass guitar in it,but other than that,Im am very pleased with it.Thanx again for the Download.

The Minish Cap; Opening Story The Minish Cap; Opening Story

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Four outta Five

Nice. Gotta love that lead synth. I've never heard the actual song, so it was pretty original to me. My only advice is to find a better way to end it. It kinda just stopped abruptly. Good job anyways.

Plusle responds:

It doesn't for me!

The bicycle bell The bicycle bell

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Eight outta Ten

Originality: Sounded strange, though in a good way.
Diversity: Repeated a little too much. I got bored with it about halfway through.
Clarity: Not much to be said. Good job.
Effort: Considering it was done in 12 days, I don't think it was that bad at all.
Overall: Good, but there was something missing. I can't quite place my finger on what it was. Perhaps if you fixed up the beat to make it a little more danceable it would be better.

FoxTechno responds:

thanks for review mate, Its an old song, though, of my casseste tapes.

soon ill be subbmitting brand new tunes, of my korg equipment, much better stuff.

anyway chears. dj dragon,.

Puritania(cover) Puritania(cover)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

4 outta 5

I love Dimmu Borgir, and this was a great cover of one of my favorite songs. Nice job! Just a suggestion, try a cover of Indoctrination. That would turn out nice. :D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hey man thanks a lot for the review. Hmm I think next I'm going to cover Kings of the Carnival Creation but I'll keep that tune in mind.

RGH: Castle Guard RGH: Castle Guard

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

Orig: I was going to give you a 6, cuz I've heard alot of these kind of pieces lately. However, it was slightly different (it had some synth in there) so I eased up a bit.

Div: It repeated a little too much. Nothing to really worry about though. Very nice peace.

Clar: It was a little too quiet. You had some cool stuff going on, but I couldn't hear it that well.

Eff: It sounds like you really tried hard to put these together. Nice job!

Overall: 8/10. You only had a few minor problems. Almost everything was great!

NGAudioArtists responds:

yeah, right.....

Blitzkrieg by Flame Mesial Blitzkrieg by Flame Mesial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

four outta five

the quality was horrible, but everything else was fuckn awesome. it was like a trip back into those good old days when pantera ruled the world.

FlameMesial responds:


The quality was horrible, because I dubbed everything onto tape with an 80s tape recorder back then, and the file limits on this website cut even more down the quality.

This was when I was too dumbfuck to discover that I can record on computers :)

Thanks for not judging the whole song badly because of the quality, I might remake this someday, along with one of my favourites 'Rivalry With Life'

Cheers NGSteve.

Tetris Dirty Remix Tetris Dirty Remix

Rated 2 / 5 stars

two outta five

no offense, but that song was just annoying. it didnt have any real structure to it...just a whole bunch of random sound effects.

HouseMasta responds:

lol wow..... you have no idea what a dirty remix is then. dirty remix is basically a jumble of everything relating to or not to the thing being remixed. i understand that you're a bit confused, but hey, its what it is. no set key sig, structure, main theme, tempo, etc. thanks anyway!

[TMM43] Tranquillity[Extended] [TMM43] Tranquillity[Extended]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

four outta five

i liked this, it was kinda relaxing. i think it wouldve sounded better on a regular piano, and it needed a better ending. other than that, it was great.

TMM43 responds:

ahah, next time I'll add the piano in the backround, and I'll work on the ending...

thanks for the review


Acid bee Acid bee

Rated 4 / 5 stars

four outta five

orig: i heard this and my first reactiong was "o.O". good work man, ive never heard anything like it.

div: sounded wierd as crap, and sounded a little too similiar throughout the song.

clar: perfect recording. couldnt be better.

eff: what can i say? it sounds like it took quite alot of work to make this song. kudos on the nice song bro.

overall: 4/5. wouldve been a perfect, but it sounded a little too wierd for my tastes.

FoxTechno responds:

Thanks, another good listener, cheers for the 10 effort, I think i should of changed the bass line within the song, a bit, it was slitely the same,

any way, thanks for reviewing.

Dj dragon ,.

Desert Rose Desert Rose

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Work!

Ive <3 this song, bro...I cant believe its not plat! You are very talented on the guitar, keep it up!

Metalcan responds:

Thank you thank you! Platinum would be cool.